Saturday, February 14, 2009

Subscribing to Globe wireless broadband?

I was using smart bro in our province and it didn't bother me much regarding the speed and the connection in general. But here in manila, it's a different story, especially here in Fairview. According to my fellow pw (Perfect World) gamers, who unfortunately uses smart bro in their houses, that they always get disconnected, and always got  slow connection. That's why I said, "Oh no, I'm going to try Globe wireless broadband." That is, of course, after reading much info on the internet, I finally decide to  go for globe.

So here am I in Palmera homes Fairview, stuck with globe for the whole year.  And for those who wants to subcribe to Globe wireless broadband there is a lockin period of 12 months. So if you're going to sign up for it and after 2 or 3 months you prefer to opt out, that means you'll going to pay the early termination fee. So you better read the conditions first before signing up.

Anyway before  I forgot,  those agents of globe wireless roaming around your place, they are giving away flyers that I think are actually misleading.  I still have the flyer here.  And it has options of what broadband plans you wanted to subscribe into.  One option is the P1,295 which is under the 1Mbps, but be careful, there is an asterisk just below the page which says fixed 512kbps up to 1Mbps. And that's all there is to it. Without any explanation at all.  So the first timers will think they're going to have 1Mbps speed because that is the one which is directly under the  P1,200plus plan but actually what they're going to subscribe into is the 512kbps. 

I tried to ask Globe agents regarding this, all they can say is " Sir, the P1,295 is really 512Kbps and if you want 1Mbps you need to wait for the wired connection to be available in your area."
So maybe some globe broadband agents are doing some changes on the flyers. Better check Globe broadband website.  Here is the  site: 

The next thing that you should know is if you are on the 512kbps plan,  it is exclusive of the VAT(value added tax) which is P156.65. But what you are going to see on your bill is a little bit different. The total monthly recurring charges is P1,305.44, then add VAT and you'll get your total amount charges that would be P1,462.09. That's what you're going to pay on a monthly basis. 

If you are already a Globe wireless broadband subscriber and have questions regarding your bill, you better give the billing department a call before the 30days of your billing date or it will be considered  correct. Here is their 24hour Call-in Service : Luzon (02)919-8888, Visayas and Mindanao (032)410-8888 or 171(toll free) from any globelines. You'll find these numbers at the back of your billing statement.

And if you have anything to add or clarify just feel free to post it here friends.

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