Monday, February 16, 2009

Having a hard time with a slow globe wireless broadband connection?

The first month with globe is really a trial and error moment. I haven't got a decent connection. By decent i mean measuring up to at least 60% of the promise speed. So i'm on the 512kbps plan it would at least give me 300plus kbps. That is where the hunt began. I went over the net and try to find globe's ip addresses. And then I tried to put it in to the dns server of the modem. Here are the ip addresses: Primary Secondary =158kbps = not good Primary Secondary =460kbps Primary Secondary=304- 480kbps - using this as of the moment Primary Secondary-364kbps

Try those addresses, have a play with it, just like what I did. At least after long hours of trying, now i've got a decent connection. I really thank the guy on the net LJ Diaz for his info regarding those ip addresses.

But that's not the end of the it. I was just not satisfied. Don't know why. I just keep on trying and even tried to go to network connections on my pc and tried to force the dns from there. What I meant by this is I have typed in those ip addresses on the Local Area Connection's Internet Protocol properties.  But was unable to get a good speed. That's why I left it on obtain dns server addresses automatically.

I got that idea from my work as a technical support specialist.  Everyday of my life I'm helping New Zealanders get a decent connection. I am an employee of Telecom New Zealand one of the largest ISP in NZ.  But anyway, that didn't help. Ouch!

So I am getting a 400plus kbps but I just want it to be higher every time I do a speed test. Oh! why did they invent that speed meter. Everytime I see the results I crave for more speed! I longed for more speed. And what I saw on our garage was a very long metal rod, the one that is usually being use in the province for TV antennas. Yes, that's it. To make the story short, i use it for globe's aerial antenna. Wow! It's too high up in the sky! Way beyond the coconut trees here in Palmera. Lol. 

Here's the result, now I've got 500 - 600plus kbps. I've exceeded the speed of my subscription which is only 512kbps. 
So friends, sometimes the answer is not down here, we just need to look up because it could be that the answer is just up there.

Do you have any similar experiences or not too similar experiences regarding globe wireless? 

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