Friday, February 27, 2009

Globe broadband or Globe broadbump?

What's new? Yes it happened again just as everybody else knew that it would. It's been four days now that we haven't got WCDMA signal. Yap! You're right that means we can't connect to the internet. By "we" I mean all of us who subscribed to globe wireless here in Palmera Homes Nova East Q.C., we really don't know why, since we've tried calling customer support but wasn't able to contact them. All right, so there really is a problem with globe. But the worst thing is it's almost five days. The question here is, are we going to pay globe for the days that we haven't got connection. It's not our fault. It's globe's fault. And if it goes on like this everytime we might as well go with another internet service provider(ISP). 

There is an early termination fee, please bear that in mind. But how about if we are not getting the connection as promised? Can we file a lawsuit? Or will they just let us go without demanding for the termination fee? or even if they demand for a termination fee we could just leave them without paying and that would be legal?

Why am I saying this? It's because I have friends who also have globe broadband but what they got since they subscribed is globe broadbump. Their signal always bump on something. And everytime they called the helpdesk they were told that there is a problem with the line and it is being fixed at the moment. What?! Everytime?!

So even if I got 400 to 600kbps whenever I do a speed test, i really would like to get out of this mess. I would rather go to a 356kbps with a constant and reliable connection than what globe offers. Why is that? It's because it should be an "always on connection"; it's supposed to automatically connect  everytime you turned on your pc. The thing is, always, when I restart my pc, should supposed to wait for about two to three minutes for the modem to initialized but was waiting for too long and still it wouldn't connect. So I've tried manual connection. And oh! it's like I'm wasting my time trying to connect,  sometimes up to  3 hours tweaking the connection! Who wants to do that everyday and I'm paying almost P1,500 a month for this kind of service.

Alright, I had my experience with globe broadbump. I think it's enough. What do you think?


Roma said...

I'd rather choose Globe Broadband than acquiring a Smart Bro. Based from my experience it's not worth the monthly bill you pay for it. It lacked good service. Our internet connection was intermittent, if not, the internet speed you get is way to slow to be even considered as a broadband. But that was a year ago, we cancelled our subscription for it. Don't know if Smart Bro's service improved now...

Anonymous said...

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